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SONIC170 Keyboard [Ended]

SONIC170 Keyboard [Ended]

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SONIC170 is inspired by the TE OP-1 Field synthesizer. It's a 65% with a knob and a customizable LED macro module.
Proto Pics:
Proto Pics: Lilac, Silver, E-white
Layout: WK and WKL
Mounting: Silicone "Cover" Gasket with leaf spring
Typing Angle: 7 degrees
Front Height: 18.7mm
PCB: Hotswap/Solder, QMK, Via, and Vial supported
Plate: Aluminum, PC, FR4
 Top Case Choice:
PCBs will include both the main PCB and the 2 macro sections Hotswap PCBs (total 3 PCBs included)
Plates will include both the main plate and the 2 macro section plates (total 3 plates included) 
The crucifix design has been replaced with an RGB strip due to religious concerns. However, the actual prototype still has the crucifix. Please refer to the new renders for a representation of the final product. The prototype photos are included to represent the final product quality only
Kit Content:
Aluminum Top Case
Aluminum Middle Case
Aluminum Bottom Case 
Stainless Steel Weight
Plate (Total of 3 plates - 1 main and 2 macro plates)
PCB (Total of 3 PCBs - 1 main and 2 macro PCBs)
Silicone Gasket Pack 
Daughterboard and JST Cable
Foam Pack
10x 4u Light Module Cover
Magnetic Light Module Block
Rotary Module and Knob
Group-buy: July 15th 2023 - July 31st 2023
Delivery: Q1 2024
Review Videos/Typing Tests:

Geekhack Post: 

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