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Tetrix 60 Keyboard [Ended]

Tetrix 60 Keyboard [Ended]

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The Tetrix is a classic handheld gaming inspired 60% PCB gasket mounted keyboard with an aluminum body and a quad cut PCB for maximum flexibility. 

Note: This is a limited group buy. There are only a limited availability of units available for pre-purchase to help ensure the group buy meets its timeline targets.

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  • 6063 Aluminum Case in two parts (top and bottom)
  • Alu or Brass Weight (Silver, Black, Burgundy, Gray, Brass)
  • Customizable Badge (Same as Weight Options)
  • PC/Alu Plate
  • PCB Gasket Mount (Can Build Plateless with 5pin)
  • 1.6mm Hotswap PCB with Multi-layout (QMK/VIA support)
  • 6.5 Degree Typing Angle
  • HHKB, WKL Top Available
  • Poron Foams (Use if you want)
  • Case Colors: Silver, Black, Burgundy, Gray.

Included in Your kit:

  • Tetrix 60 case
  • Weight
  • Badge
  • Plate
  • PCB
  • Daughter Board
  • Poron Case Foam, Plate Foam, Switch Foam
  • Poron Gaskets
  • Hex Key
  • Rubber Bumpons
  • Monke's Love <3

GB Time: August 1 - September 1

Delivery: Q1~Q2 2023

Quantity: 60 units limit

If you are located outside of the US:


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